We discovered APDA physie 3 years ago, and I can honestly say it’s been the making of my daughter (11yo). She is fit, healthy and happy and the confidence and improved posture she has gained through physie is amazing.

She has made lifelong friends, as have we through our Port Macquarie club and the greater physie community.

I cannot recommend it highly enough!!

So grateful to have found APDA Physie”

Natalie Green


When I was 4 years old my Mum enrolled me in Physie because she was told it would help fix my pigeon toes. 40 years later I’m still doing Physie and it’s not only improved my posture (and my toes), fitness and flexibility, but has also been the source of many friendships and much camaraderie over the years. It’s improved my confidence and taught me the value of hard work and determination to achieve goals, and how to accept defeat as well as celebrate success. Most of all it’s been fun and I hope to continue being a “Physie girl” for many years to come.
Emma Siossian


Port Physie and Dance is very important to me. It’s FUN, and I have made lifelong friends that I cherish. Every year, we wonder why we do it. Will we learn the syllabus before competition? Can we do it? Will our brains remember it? Can we work together as a team? Will we place?

In the end – it wouldn’t matter because we tried. We worked together. We celebrate (big time) no matter which one of us succeeds. We get to have a couple of girlie weekends away.

Some people wonder why we still do what we do, being ladies of a certain age…….. but it’s part of our DNA, a happiness drug we can’t do without, and besides, ‘dead last’ is greater than ‘did not finish’ which trumps ‘did not start’!

Deb McRae


I discovered Port Macquarie Physie & Dance after moving to NSW from VIC in 2019. I was searching for an opportunity for Adult classes that still have the performance aspect that I was not ready to give up yet!

Physie did not exist in VIC, so finding APDA & PMPD has been like finding my home! I feel so valued and appreciated in classes, as well as making some life long friends in classes & at competitions

I cannot recommend Port Macquarie Physie & Dance to anyone enough. This club is beyond just a sport club, they are one big caring & supportive family!

Chelsea Vincent


Ella has been doing Physie for 5 years since she was 6 years old. Ella enjoys challenging herself with the large variety of dance genres that Port Macquarie Physie & Dance offer.

Ella has made many great friendships and loves the camaraderie with the girls.

Kristy Scaysbrook


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