This program offers challenging aspects for all students, with the aim to develop balance, coordination, strength, gross motor skills, body awareness, body movement and musicality. These skills are practiced through a specially choreographed syllabus that contains 6 routines with varying dance styles including ballet foundations, modern dance, strength work and physie

The Australian Physie and Dance Association (APDA) offer a fun and exciting physie and dance program for children of all genders aged 5-12. This program builds on basic skills learned and developed through the Tiny Tots program as well as introducing higher difficulty skills as they progress through the age groupsĀ 

As well as developing dance and movement skills, this program aims to enhance social skills, self-esteem, confidence, and teamwork while also having fun in a safe and nurturing environment

The children are taught in a class by a registered APDA teacher as well as receiving a DVD with the syllabus work to continue the fun at home!